Semi-firm cheese with a rind that is washed and brushed with pasteurized cow's milk, matured in a cooler for more than 9 weeks. With a smooth and supple texture, it is streaked in the center by a layer of vegetable ash. To taste, it is long in the mouth with a flavor of cream, fresh nuts and green apple.

Its name – which means “custom officer” – was inspired by the cheese factory’s location, right next to the border between Québec and the USA. Its ashline symbolizes the customs post of Lacolle.


Milk: pasteurized cow's milk

M.F.: 27%

Moisture: 48%

Category: semi-firm

Ripening: surface-ripened on pine boards for more than 60 days

Rind: washed and brushed, tan-colored


2015 World Cheese Awards Gold medal winner, Rind Washed Cheese class (cheese not in other classes)

Grand Champion award, as well as first prize class winner, at the 2004 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.