The unique process behind Mamirolle was developed in France in 1935 by the Mamirolle School of Dairy Industry. Rang 9 is the only cheese company in North America that has been allowed to use the recipe in North America and has been making it since 1996. This ivory-coloured, supple, smooth cheese is covered in a natural orange-coloured rind. With its lingering taste and pronounced aroma, Mamirolle develops a soft texture and fruity taste as it ages.


Milk: pasteurized cow’s milk

M.F.: 28%

Moisture: 46%

Category: semi-firm

Ripening: surface-ripened on pine boards for 21 to 28 days

Rind: washed, orange-colored


2016 British Empire Cheese Show 3rd prize winner, Smear Ripened Cheese class

2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix 1st prize winner, Washed- or Mixed-rind Semi-Soft Cheese class