This semi-soft, uncooked, pressed cheese is surface-ripened for over 6 weeks and made with pasteurized milk. Its rind is washed and rubbed in brine, which gives it an orangey colour lightly covered with a white bloom. It has a smooth and creamy texture and is dotted with small holes (eyes) throughout. Its milky, slightly acidic aroma and buttery taste vary from mild to strong depending on the age of the cheese. This low-fat cheese is perfect with an amber beer or a fruity, vibrant wine.


Milk: pasteurized cow's milk

M.F.: 17%

Moisture: 52%

Category: semi-firm

Ripening: surface-ripened on pine boards for more than 40 days

Rind: washed, rust-coloured



2016 World Cheese Awards bronze medal winner, Reduced Fat Hard Pressed Cheese class

2016 British Empire Cheese Show 1st prize winner, Light Cheese class